Pecha Kucha (pronounced pekak-cha) is a form of presentation designed to force speakers to ditch dull rambling talks and get to the point. The format is simple. Each speaker has just 20 slides which will display for exactly 20 seconds each, giving them just six and a half minutes to fully cover an idea.

Recently, I was asked to put one together for a conference I was attending on the topic of Creativity, Innovation and Technology. I chose the subject ‘Gamification’. The full video of the presentation is below.



Location Based


Whilst researching the talk, I read Game Based Marketing: Inspire Customer Loyalty through Rewards, Challenges and Contests by Gabe Zichermann and Joselin Linder, which, with its focus on the marketing world wasn’t 100% relevant to my own eLearning background but still made an interesting read.

Gabe also gave a talk at Google HQ in California on the subject of Gamification last October. The full one hour talk is at the bottom of this post.

Finally, I’m currently reading Digital Storytelling: A Creators Guide to Interactive Entertainment By Carolyn Handler Miller which exhaustively covers the potential for developing gaming experiences like the ones covered in the presentation and has a section covering educational use.

Photo by Johnson Wang on Unsplash

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