For the Sky Q project, I was tasked with building a visually arresting, easily controllable toolkit which would serve as a central hub for information. I was part of a team of two and solely responsible for the main framework and the ipad app, as well as some of the content.

Because the project hadn’t launched, and was still under very strict NDA, we had to adhere to the brand more ridgedly than ever before, but still find a unique identity for the toolkit.

The content would also be accessed by the Sky Engineer workforce, an offline iPad app version had to also be produced.

I designed two unique user interfaces, depending on whether you were accessing via a touch screen device or regular computer.

The user interface was designed to keep with the theme of ‘fluid viewing’. Buttons ripple out from each other like drops of liquid, while icons animate between states.

As menus are opened or closed, the content of the page shifts in scale smoothly to accommodate them.

Even transitioning between pages was designed to be fluid. The background subtly fades between states as the content flows from one page to the next.

Nominated for the 2016

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